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Welcome to the Barristers Club of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  We hope that you find our site useful.  If this is your first visit, we suggest you take a look at the internet tools to your left to make certain that you have all of the latest patches and security enhancements for your software.  

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A Thought!

Do not be all that you can be; be all that your Creator wants you to be! (S. B. Rauner)

The man is richest whose needs are least. (Henry David Thoreau)

DCACDL Members

To go to the Members Only Area (MOA)
Delaware County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Members can click:

Public Defender's Office
This link will take you to the Delaware County, Pennsylvania Public Defender's Office sign on page from which authorized personnel may complete the secretarial work order and/or the preliminary hearing report.

Now available in the Members Only Area. Just click the PA D & C button in the top menu bar in the MOA.

Featured Barrister

During the current period there is no barrister being featured.

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